Great News for Toronto!

Two things about Toronto: 

1. Amazing Comedians

2. Great brunch spots

Toronto is home to some of the best brunch spots. I’m talking french toast, scramblers, truffles in a benny, coffee!

But that’s not what this post is about. Yes we are on the other side of the country, but our improv and comedy friends in Toronto are like a long lost twin, we feel them eat, we know when they’re tired and we party when they party!

And sometimes that party is worth flying to Toronto for…

Because our awesome friends in Toronto, Bad Dog Theatre, have received the Holy Grail of Improv gifts: A Permanent Home. And The Sunday Service will be there to slam the punch along side some of Canada’s finest improvisers.

Congrats Bad Dog, we can’t wait to crash (perform) on your couch (stage).